Since the age of 13, I always seemed to always have a camera in my hand. After working for several newspapers and freelancing throughout high school and college at American University, I opened my studio in the Washington, DC area, specializing in political and corporate photography, family and individual portraits, and wedding, bat/bar mitzvah and special events photography. In 1997, I married my husband, Bret Morris, and took my show on the road. I moved back to my hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. We have two sons and a dog and I still love my career!

My work now focuses (pun intended) on corporate, family and personal portraits, senior portraits, corporate events and website photography. I have expanded my business to do album design, website consulting and marketing production.

I am intrigued by people. I love watching their expressions and relationships to their families, friends, colleagues and careers. My goal is to capture the beauty and emotion in the moments I am photographing, whether it is a mother playing with her baby, the pride of a grandmother with her children and grandchildren in a family portrait, the excitement of a teen about to graduate from high school, a groom seeing his bride as she walks down the aisle, a CEO handing a check to a grateful charitable organization, or the President of the United States, Senator or Governor taking the oath of office. Naturally capturing the emotion in these once-in-a-lifetime moments is my passion. I look forward to capturing these memories for you.